Catechist Certification

Certificates from August 5, 2017 Conference

Click to download the certificates for the workshops you attended.

Session 1

Evangelists & Catechists Formed as Missionary Disciples , Joe Paprocki

Los Sacramentos Como Herramientas para Vivir en Mision, Rev. Carlos Cifuentes

La Vocacion del Catequista segun San Pablo, Isabel Alvarez

Oracion y Espirtualidad del catequista, Claudia De Anda

Desarrollo de la Iglesia, Andrés Garcia

Maria, Martha y Yo, Angela Grisales

Cristologia, Carlos Rojas

Session 2

Catechizing Gen Z – Angulo

Effective Teaching – Smith

Get Your Hands on the Message – Boshinski

Hidden Disciples – Coffey

Holy Spirit Gifts and Fruits – Kolodziej

La Fe no Tiene Fronteras – Berrios

Matrimonio y problemas de nulidad matrimonial en RCIA – Oberprantacher

Ministry of Catechesis – McCormick

Morality – Garrity

Overview of the RCIA Process- Reyes

Prayer in the Elementary Classroom for PSR – Bowen

Roll the Dice to Teach the Liturgical Year – Botsford

S. A.T.I.R.E. Smart Application of Technology in Religious Education – Barrett

Preschool Prayer – Ritual – Dobson

Spirituality of imperfection – Dowd

Social Media for Mission -Ryan

Sexuality- Transgender – Silloway

See accurately Respond Accordingly – Gifts of the Holy Spirit – Dudley

Strategies for Teaching Children with Autism – Lyons

Teologia del Cuerpo Una Introduccion – Orador Destacado – Duran

Thomas Merton and Prayer – Vilardi

Una Catequesis Eficaz para Ninos – McElveen

Using Centers in the Elementary Classrooms – Shelton – Southall

What the Church Believes – Olick

The Why Behind The National Directory for Catechesis- Lori Dahlhoff

Grace under Pressure- Kathleen Daigle

Session 3

Accompaniment and Kinship-Fostering Mission Spirituality in Young People – Miles

Beyond Power Point – Gonzalez

Buckets of Favorite Preschool Prayers, Bible Heros, and Liturgical Fun – Czbala

Christology – Coffey

Disability Ministry to Hispanic Families – Rousseau

Moving Mountains- Focusing on Adult Faith Formation- Mendes

Models of Adult Faith Formation – Jones

Lession Planning for Primary Grades – Southall – Shelton

Hon Phoi Va Hon Trong R.C.I.A. – Hoang

Getting Parents – Families Involved in Sacrament prep – Spirou

Viviendo como Discipulos Misioneros – Reyes

Vatican II – Other Faiths – Von Kanel

The Mass the Source and Summit – Bishop

Spirituality of the Learner – McCormick

Spirituality of the Catechist – Nojy

Spirituality – Music – Voss

Recruiting – Training Sponsors – Zobel

Praying with Scripture- A Path to Discipleship – Franklin

Spirit Filled Reality Checks – Lori Dahlhoff

Forming A Community of Catechists- Ann Boshinski

Session 4

Apps that Teach – Botsford

Being Martha, Being Mary, Being Me – Elsbree

Childrens Catechumentate-Garrity – Murray

Formando su Equipo del RCIA – Guzman

Faith – Moral Development – Innes

Estudiantes Especiales en nuestro salon de clase – Maldonado

Creation Matters – Ryan

Church Development -Von Kanel

Forming an RCIA Team – Zobel

In the Eye of the Beholder – The Jesus of the Synoptic Gospel – Hoffman

Incluyendo la tecnologia en la salon de clase – Gonzalez

La Oracion y los Discipulos Misioneros – Orador Destacado – Shroff

Lo Que la Iglesia Cree – Garcia

Metodologia en el Salon de Clase – Guzman

Youth Ministry – Games for God Galore – Brown

We are Salt and Light – Catholic Social Teaching for All Ages – Miles

The Art of Stoytelling – Bearden

That’s Why We Do That! A Basic Intro to Teaching the Catholic Faith – Dahlhoff

Spirituality of the Adolescent – Simpson

Moralidad Cristiana – Munoz

Prayer in Classroom for Catolic School Teachers – Bowen

Prayer -Spirituality – Coffey

Preschool – Playtime or Prayer Time – Kiehl

Reconciliation – Eucharist Activities – Potts

Scripture – Catechesis – Dowd

Confirmation Igniting the Fire- Megan Kyle

Training a Youth Ministry Team- Katherine Angulo

Session 5

Church History in America – Herndon

How Would Jesus Use an IPad Without wi-fi- Gonzalez

Games-No Tech – Smith

Engaging Students in the Learning Process – Klein

Effective Catechesis for Children – McElveen

Doctrina de Justicia Catolica – Orador Destacado – Trujillo

Conscience- God’s Voice or Ours – Dowling

Ignation Spirituality – Sauer – Ingalls

Incorporating Music into the Elementary Classroom – Smith

Marital – Annulment Issues on the RCIA – Jones

Prayer in Chaos, Commotion and Clutter – Coffey

Preparando a los Padrinos y Esponsores – Guzman

Relational Methodologies for Intermediate Grades – Vasquez

Using the Bully Pulpit- Kevin Dowd

More Than Words: Catechesis That Speaks a Language of Mystery- Joe Paprocki




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